What is granite?

Granite Surfaces
For the purpose of explaining granite for use in the home as worktops, fireplaces and vanity units amongst other uses we have tried to keep this description simple.

Granite is a natural quarried rock. Natural stones have a microporous structure of varying degree, some have hairline cracks, pot marks and fissures. Some granites can be water absorbent and thus prone to stains and spotting and can be inherently unsound. Much of this depends on the actual stone used as the description of granite covers many types of granite stone with different properties.Granite needs more care and attention than quartz surfaces but many of the pitfalls and problems such as absorption and its fragile nature can be overcome by stain repellent treatments and manufacturing in a better way(possibly with more joints to reduce stress on the worktops weak points)

Granite Properties
When cut and polished, if scrutinised too closely, granite worktops may reveal what appear as faults and imperfections that are inconsistent to the rest of the material. These may appear as pot marks, natural fissures in the surface polish and irregularities in the surface markings / texture of the stone.
It is usual to provide slabs that have been stopped, cramped and filled / treated with resins to ensure they arrive in a perfect condition. So, if additional repairs / treatments are carried out in our workshop or on site, they may not automatically constitute a fault

Acceptable Natural Granite
When irregularities in the surface markings are excessive, unsightly, unavoidable and prominent, the slab will be rejected by Finch’s and returned to the quarry . Provided the structural integrity has not been compromised and remains intact granite slabs with inherent problems can still be regarded as “being in a perfect condition.”
Commercially, the cost implications of quarrying such large blocks of granite, then shipping them around the world for processing into the polished slabs are titanic. It is because of this, the natural imperfections and irregularities that characterize the surface markings, should be looked upon and enjoyed for what they actually are…….the very characteristics that lend the granite its individuality and emphasise the natural beauty. The true reason, that granite has become so prized and appreciated. Customers do not realise that most of the very expensive granites are the ones with the most problems!!

Granite without natural flaws ?
This isn’t really possible. Possible options would be to buy more slabs of material to try and cut around the perceived imperfections. This would create a great deal more waste, resulting in further costs and delays that will inevitably get passed on to the customer. So if the customer is intolerant of natural imperfections and the various characteristics, then the choice of granite and marble for work surfaces and vanity tops could be deemed inappropriate and you should opt for quartz as it is manufactured. The next best option would be to look at the Cambria quartz products. This materail is the closest in look to a natural product , without the drawbacks. It is for these reasons that a visit to the workshop to view, choose and approve the material prior to manufacture is highly recommended. Your opinion may well differ from ours, and it would be very disappointing should you arrive home to find the stone does not live up to your expectations.
Rest assured we will not compromise the strength, aesthetics, and quality of any material or installation.
It is for this reason we reserve the right to reject material that we regard as being poor quality. (i.e. badly processed and calibrated) This can sometimes lead to short delays during the manufacture; A “catch 22” situation! Although, a reflection of our commitment to quality.

Simply Unique Granite
With all that said, Granite worktops simply cannot be surpassed for its dramatic flair, natural distinctive grain and flowing patterns that make each piece unique.
We cannot stress enough that granite is a natural, living ,very unpredictable and beautiful material that is prized for its diversity yet the price for this is its natural floors and variations. The upshot of this is simple ” view the slabs that your worktops will be cut from before you buy!”

You are welcome, at any time before you buy to view our granite selection!