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Why Choose Quartzforms worktops?

The evolution of stone into a perfect surface. Quartzforms stone goes one step further than natural stone. quartzforms worktops are the result of the most cutting-edge technological development of the exclusive Bretonstone® process. Its unrivaled versatility, resistance, aesthetic performance, hygienic quality and easy maintenance have won the trust of architects and designers worldwide.
Designed as the perfect completion of man’s space, Quartzforms has successfully completed its ambitious project: the creation of a perfect surface. Quartzforms is available in an infinite variety of colours, tones, grains and different finishes. Quartzforms does not absorb liquids, has a high resistance to knocks, stains and scratches.

caesarstone quartz worktops

wide colour choice

With 55 colours stocked in the UK and of these , 16 are in group 1 (lowest price group) , quartzforms offers our customers a wide range of colour designs and texture options.


  • 55 UK colours to choose from
  • 16 Group 1 colours
  • Spacco surface textures

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care & cleaning

All that’s needed is warm water and mild soap to clean quartzforms, quartz worktops . Unlike granite and marble, quartz doesn’t need periodic sealing, polishing or reconditioning. You won’t have to work with messy oils or dangerous chemicals—there’s no cost of upkeep for quartzforms worktops once it’s installed.


  • Easy to clean
  • Needs no special polishes or cleaners
  • Needs no anti-stain treatments or sealers

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caesarstone quartz worktops cleaning

caesarstone quartz worktops

textured surfaces

Quartz Spacco surfaces express themselves in the third dimension.
They transform Qf stone and its characteristics of style and simplicity into an interesting three-dimensional effect that is reminiscent of raw stone from a quarry.
Spacco is perfect for every kind of surface: kitchen and bathroom counters, facing and flooring.


  • Polished finish availabe
  • Spacco Finish availabe
  • 7 Spacco surface textures

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need Inspiration………….

quartzforms surfaces
quartzforms worktops
quartzforms kitchen worktops
quartzforms kitchen worktops
quartzforms quartz worktops

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Quartzforms app

Quartzforms app is finally available for free on iOS and Android devices.

You can sort the complete catalog by color or by family and every material can be displayed in full screen mode with a simulation of dynamic reflection according to the inclination of the device.

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