silestone suede

Silestone suede reinvents worktop textures

The Silestone Suede finished is a remarkable textured surface that offers a uniquely soft touch and effect that is pure beauty and elegance. Maintaining the same characteristics, its soft and remarkable touch and a total color consistency give your Silestone projects an added value.

A stylish and textured finish, silestone suede is available in a wide range of more than 50 of Silestone colours, giving any kitchen worktop the softest touch. This natural quartz worktop offers a distinctive texture that evokes a taste for the exotic.
It is the ultimate combination of beauty and practicality, delighting the eye with its unique texture while being the first and only worktop to have bacteriostatic product protection built right-in.

Please be aware that the Silestone Suede Series has a luxurious finish that may require extra care & attention.

quartz silestone suede

Silestone colours Available in suede

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